Perfect Acid Wares | Use & Application
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Use & Application


Our bricks are generally used in Lining of Chemical Storage Tank, Flooring, Construction & Lining of Chimney, Battery Rooms, D.M. Plants, Waste Water Treatment etc.

The following are main operational sectors, which are universally recognized as being the most aggressive:

  1. Water and Waste Water Treatment
  2. Chemical, Fertilizer and Paper Processing
  3. Refinery, Oil & Gas and Off Shore.
  4. Power Generation
  5. Marin Environment.

Every one of these sectors has its own corrosion & abrasion prevention demands and even each, these can very greatly, depending upon ultimate operational conditions.

2. Calcined Refractory Minerals: such as Bauxite, Dolomite, Pyrophilite and Fireclays being used by various industries.

3. High Alumina Refractory Cement (PYROCEM) AI2O3-50% and AI2O3-75%. We are manufacturing and supplying to Refractory Castable Manufactures and in various steel and other industries.